Sourdough Bread Making with Lachlan Campbell Saturday 27 July

Sourdough Bread Making with Lachlan Campbell Saturday 27 July
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Saturday 27 July

Beginning with the classic sourdough bread with its long ferment, crisp yet chewy exterior and soft crumb, this class focusses on using and caring for your starter or using yeast and simplifying the bread making process for home bakers.

Since its humble beginnings, Moonacres Kitchen Bakery has been committed to using sustainable stone milled flour and traditional methods that produce a flavourful and health-giving loaf of bread and our bakery uses flour that’s been responsibly and sustainably grown and is nutritious and alive. 

With a big and broad following of our sourdough loaves, we thought it time to share our secrets, and Lachie is the guy for this job. He joined the bakery team in 2020 and brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep love of bread.

In this class Lachie will remove some of the mysteries of baking at home and you will learn why cultivating yeast from a starter produces great tasting bread and is good for you, how to work with Moonacres starter, fresh and dry yeast and, how to mix, kneed and shape your dough as well as understanding bread fermentation.

Importantly, you will take with you a formed dough and some starter (which we offer for as long as you need as a gift) to bake beautiful sourdough bread at home. We have flour available for sale from Wholegrain Milling and what may surprise you is the number of beautiful recipes you can create with left over dough... and we will show you how!

The class will end with a light lunch with the bread baked in the class, an abundance of butter, homemade soup, cheese and some local wine.

This class runs from 10pm to 2pm and is suited to keen beginners as well as those with some breadmaking experience.  

There will be brewed coffee with treats cooked in the school kitchen for you to enjoy throughout the class.

Lachie and the school team look forward to seeing you soon.