In Conversation - Sustainable Farms with Michelle Young Tuesday 30 April

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  • Продолжительность: 2 час. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Robertson, NSW
  • Код предложения: Sustainable Farms

Tuesday 30 April 6pm

Our "In Conversation" for April is all about farming sustainably with Sustainable Farms, a long-standing initiative of the Australian National University. 

They have been studying farms across NSW to understand how various management actions positively impact biodiversity and the natural assets on farms, all while promoting ecological balance and resource conservation. 

Healthy natural assets underpin farm productivity and landscape resilience, and they include remnant native vegetation, large old trees like paddock trees, native grasses, shelterbelts, rocky outcrops, creeks, dams and support biodiversity, which in turn forms the basis of the ecological systems that support agriculture. 

Sustainable Farms have an exceptional body of evidence and over the last 22 years their field ecologists have also been exchanging information with farmers who are active in improving the natural assets on their farms. 

The information they offer helps farmers to address the challenges they face in maintaining the productive base of their farm, whilst supporting the conservation of woodland plants and animals.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Sustainable Farms Project Director, Michelle Young as our guest, and alongside film producer Suzannah Cowley Nviro Media, Local Land Services South East and Southern Highlands Landcare, we will have a conversation and Q&A on how sustainable farming can build more resilient farming and food systems and increase important habitat in our environment.

We ultimately hope we will inspire everyone to protect and restore our soil and farming land for future generations, together.

There will be a film screening prior to the conversation about the work of Sustainable Farms commencing at 6:00pm, with refreshments cooked at the school.

The team at Moonacres look forward to seeing you soon.