Food for Health - Alex Elliot Howery from Cornersmith Saturday 18 May

Food for Health - Alex Elliot Howery from Cornersmith Saturday 18 May
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  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Robertson, NSW
  • Product code: Cornersmith

Saturday 18 May

This is the Cornersmith Guide to Salad Making. Its about getting the confidence and inspiration to make vegetables the heroes of your plate and pantry and getting creative with everyday foods.

Alex will show you how to make salads worth bringing to the centre of the table even in the depths of Winter.  She will begin with the fundamentals of seasonal eating, reducing food waste and saving money. Working through three interchangeable master seasonal recipes for slaws, leafy greens and hearty salads that make a complete meal.

The lessons you learn in this workshop will be the building blocks of both your midweek salad and the fanciest show-off salad. You will also learn the little extra tricks that make a salad sing – we'll talk you through quick pickles, spiced roasted fruits, toasted seeds and nuts, and punchy dressings. 

Come hungry, this is a class for learning and eating! 

The class starts at 10am with homemade treats and Pachamama teas on arrival. 

Alex will have a conversation with guests about her cafes and school and her unwavering commitment to eating good healthy food and zero waste. We then head to the bench for a demonstration and interactive class on all the recipes she will be teaching, with everyone around the bench eating with her as she cooks.

All guests will receive a copy of Alex's latest book "The Food Savers A-Z"


About Alex

Alex Elliott-Howery co-founded Cornersmith cafes and cooking school, and is an author, educator and food waste advocate. 

Alex co-founded Cornersmith in 2010 building a boundary-breaking food community in Sydney's Inner West. She noticed the neighbourhood backyard trees laden with fruit and decided to take on the excess citrus, mulberries and figs. Knocking on neighbours doors, she began picking the abundance of fruit and taking it home to bottle, always dropping a jar back the grower.

The word spread around the neighbourhood and parcels of homegrown produce started appearing on her doorstep.

She and her husband decided to put their heads together combining their interests in gardening, good home cooking, coffee, preserving and a love of urban community, to begin their own family business. They opened the doors of Cornersmith in 2012 on a street corner Marrickville serving great tasting food and coffee, plenty of pickles and launched a trading program, where locals could bring in their excess home grown produce.

She has built a thriving business that brings knowledge once shared around kitchen tables to educate and advocate for changes in our homes as well as in our food systems, bringing local solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet. 

As Cornersmith grew, they were determined to keep their original ethos alive. They hope to inspire people to make more things at home, to think about where their food comes from, to understand the seasons and most importantly to make meaningful connections with their communities.. 

Alex and her team have since taught thousands of people how to pickle and ferment; make jam, bread; preserve tomatoes; and turn vegetable scraps into something delicious. To reach a broader audience, Alex has co-written 4 best-selling cookbooks: Cornersmith, Salads and Pickles, Use it All and more recently The Food Saver's A-Z.