Food for Health - Thermomix with Armanda Ho and Stephen Santucci Saturday 25 May

Food for Health - Thermomix with Armanda Ho and Stephen Santucci Saturday 25 May
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Saturday 25 May

Armanda's journey began with a challenge – crafting wholesome meals for her daughter Angelique, who faced eating difficulties due to VATER syndrome. Rejecting sugar-laden hospital food, she embraced Thermomix to create nutritious, pureed delights, ensuring Angelique's health and happiness. This experience ignited Armanda's passion for mindful cooking, a meditative practice where each ingredient, each stir, brings you closer to a state of calm and presence. 

In honor of her beloved daughter Angelique, whose spirit lives on in every dish, Armanda invites you to a culinary journey that nourishes both body and soul. Armanda believes in the healing power of preparing food mindfully, embracing the emotions and memories it evokes. Armanda's coaching transcends traditional culinary guidance, offering a sanctuary where grief meets growth, and loss transforms into healing.

In this class with legendary Moonacres Kitchen Head Chef, Stephen Santucci, they will show you that cooking is more than a task; it's a therapeutic ritual. 

We're talking about maximizing every inch of your ThermoMix to whip up dishes that are not just mouth-wateringly delicious but are also brimming with creativity and ease. Whether you're a seasoned kitchen warrior or a newbie looking to spice up your cooking game, this class is more about creating abundance in your kitchen. Thermomix is a master of multitasking, it brings precision to your cooking, you join a global community and it's a way to explore, innovate, and simplify your cooking.

We each have our own personal understanding and meaning as to what it is to nurture ourselves, to nourish ourselves, to cook for ourselves and loved ones. Armanda's intention for this collaborative cooking class with Stephen Santucci, is for you to experience what it feels like to work with our Moonacres Chef, utilizing the Thermomix to create nurturing and nourishing food with like-minded friends in the community. 

This class is designed for:

  1. Thermomix® Owners: You would like to enhance your Thermomix® skills or be inspired to get back to using your Thermomix everyday.

  2. Thermomix® Owners:  You are contemplating an upgrade to the TM6 and would like to see how the TM6  differs from the TM5, TM31 or TM21.

  3. Thermomix® non owners:  You are unacquainted or would like to understand what all the fuss is about this most magical and versatile kitchen appliance.

Whether you're already well-versed with the wonders of Thermomix®, just getting started, or need to find your Thermomix® mojo again, we've designed this class just for you.

We are thrilled to present an Italian-inspired menu that celebrates the versatility and functional prowess of the Thermomix, featuring fresh produce sourced straight from the fields of Moonacre Farm and we are taking a unique approach to this event, inviting you to bring along your own Thermomix to participate in the cooking class. As an owner, you understand the unparalleled versatility and convenience that Thermomix brings to the kitchen.

We would love you to bring a friend who has yet to experience the wonders of Thermomix. Whether they're curious about this innovative appliance or simply love good food, this event is the perfect opportunity for them to witness firsthand what makes Thermomix a game-changer in your home.

We will start with a refreshing Aperol Spritz Rhubarb Sorbet, we'll demonstrate the transformation of cream into rich, velvety butter, a versatile ingredient that will elevate each dish on our menu. Prepare your taste buds for the vibrant flavors of Bagna Cauda, accompanied by a colorful array of seasonal raw vegetables and the infamous Moonacre sourdough bread. We'll grate cheese, sauté onions and garlic, and roast and steam vegetables for our nurturing Freekeh Risotto. 

To conclude our journey on a sweet note, we'll elevate the humble pear by accentuating its natural sweetness with citrus zest infused sugar, toasted almonds, and a luscious whipped zabaione. Each dish on our menu showcases the Thermomix's ability to streamline preparation, enhance flavors, and inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Armanda Ho

Armanda is a local to the Southern Highlands. With her Singaporean heritage enriching her palette, Armanda's dishes are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, encapsulating her philosophy that food is a journey of discovery and respect. She encourages mindful eating, savoring each bite, and understanding the story behind your food, from garden to plate.

Join Armanda in celebrating Angelique's legacy through "Angel Love Cooking - Food with Heart." Here, mindfulness and nutritious cooking collide, creating a space where every meal is a tribute to love and life. 

Stephen Santucci

Stephen was formerly head chef at Vini, Surry Hills and learnt his craft in Italy where he spent a number of years working in restaurants, including under the tutelage of Michelin-starred chef, Salvatore Tassa. He credits his career to his grandparents, especially his grandmother, with whom he recalls fondly making 'dried sausage' (they never called it salami) as a child in the basement of her cantina. 

Stephen is passionate about creating the same sense of warmth and homeliness with his food.

The conversation and class begins at 10am and concludes with lunch cooked with Armanda and Stephen at 1pm.

Please bring your own Thermomix or you can you use one with your cooking partner on the day. If you have friends who you'd love to inspire, invite them book a seat and join in this experience which is more than just cooking food.